Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who can join A:  Those persons who have a finished or near-finished police vehicle that is pre-1990.

Q:  Do you allow persons with clone vehicles? A:  Yes, the status of whether it is a police package vehicle is of no importance, however; misrepresentation of the vehicle is of utmost importance to people within the hobby.

Q:  How much is membership? A:  It is free at this time.  There are no plans currently for dues.

Q:  Are you the PCOOA? A:  No, the PCOOA is the Police Car Owners of America.  We are NOT associated with  that organization.

Q:  I own a 1997 Ford police package, why can't I join?  A: is interested in historical representation of police vehicles, not the outfitting of a current-use vehicle.

Q:  Do you accept foreign police cars? A:  Yes, as long as they fit the criteria stated (Pre-1990 and marked as a police vehicle)

Q:  Do I get anything for joining? A:  You get listed here on the site, your vehicle gets "shown off", you join a members-only e mail list for discussion and you get to say "I'm a PCOOA member" - all of this for free!  Woo-hoo!  (There'll be other advantages but we are only just beginning)

Q:  Are there membership rules, guidelines, credos? A:  Not as of yet.  This is a fresh group that eventually will evolve with that type of information.

Q:  Can I send you pictures in the mail for scanning? A:  No.  Please scan them or have them scanned and send them via e mail.

Q: Can I join and send you a picture of my buddies car?  A:  No.  You must own a vehicle that fits the criteria of membership.

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