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 Portland Police Bureau (Oregon)


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One of only 2 Plymouth Belvedere original Police Package vehicles known to remain intact.  Originally in service as a Portland Police Patrol Car until mid 1970.




             This vehicle was first placed in service by the Portland Police Department in September of 1968.  It was used by the Traffic Division as an enforcement patrol car.  As an unmarked car it was used mainly as a radar unit.  In 1970 the car sold at the city auction to a gentleman named T.J. Olive.  Most of these cars sold at auction for around $250.00 to $300.00.  Individuals wanting them for the high performance running gear purchased the majority of these vehicles.  The engines, transmissions, and differentials where removed from the cars and the remaining body found its way to the crusher or a salvage yard.

             T.J. Olive was self-employed as a security guard.  His business services were provided to customers mainly in Portland’s Albina neighborhood.  T.J. was known to many Portland Police officers and was considered to be a, “friend”, of the police, oftentimes showing up at police calls in his old patrol car to assist in any way he could.

In the mid 90’s T.J. was in failing health and decided to sell the car.  He contacted his longtime friend, retired Detective Dave Simpson, currently, Head of Security for Nike Worldwide Operations.  T.J. offered to sell the car to Dave if he would promise to restore the car to an original state.  Dave agreed, and, along with his son, Detective Pete Simpson, they purchased the car from T.J. for the sum of $850.00.  Pete and Dave had the car for several years, showing it around Portland and attending police functions and PAL events.

  In 2002 they realized, most likely, they would never be able to perform a proper restoration and contacted me as I had expressed an interest in returning the car to its prior glory days. I purchased the car and started a restoration project to include new floor and trunk pans, upholstery, extensive body restoration, chrome, mechanical, glass, and paint.  The list of things to be done never seemed to end.   After 4 months in the body shop and reassembly of the car in the early summer of 2004 we started showing the car.  People really enjoy seeing a part of Portland Police history. It is particularly of interest to retired police officers that say, “Sitting in the car is like sitting in a Time Machine.”  It takes them back to the past!

           After becoming a member of the Emergency Vehicle Owners & Operators Association, I discovered just how rare this vehicle is.  The only known, original, restored, 69 Belvedere (police package) known to exist in the US, is owned by the Chief of Police in the small town of Bell, California.  That car was originally an LAPD patrol car and is restored with the LAPD black and white used at that time.  Of interest to me is that almost all of the early police vehicles seen at cruise-ins and car shows were never actually police cars.  Their owners have located similar vehicles and have, “cloned”, them into what appears to be a police vehicle of that particular time.  Although they accurately depict a patrol car of the time, they are not true, factory built, “police packages.”  

 We are now enjoying showing the car around various events throughout the Northwest.  We have been fortunate to have won awards at some of the shows and cruise-ins to include a 1st place award at the 2003 Emergency Vehicle Owners and Operators Assn. gathering in Post Falls, Idaho.  The future for the car should be interesting, as we have received several requests to show the car at upcoming events.  The Police Bureau has expressed interest in using the car during the 2005 Rose Festival Event and for PAL.  The Police Bureau assisted in obtaining the original, “Rose,” Portland Police Department door emblems currently permanently affixed to the car doors.

  Vehicle Details

1969 Plymouth Belvedere, 4 door (Police Package)
335 Horsepower, 383 cu/in engine
727 Torqueflight Transmission w/ police package shift points
8 ¾ “, 3:23 Ratio, Sure-Grip differential
Heavy Duty cooling (Hemi Radiator)
90 amp alternator
Front disc brakes, HD rear brakes, power steering
Radio delete, rear window defogger
E & H Machine Works “Cheetah” light bar
Smith & Wesson electronic sire

Vehicle owned and restored by:
Dave Houck, Portland Police Bureau (Retired)


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