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Police Car On-line Owner's Association

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Member Name Vehicle
Angelino, Joe 73 Chevrolet Belair
 Arnold, Dave 77 Dodge Monaco
Aryani, Giant 89 Plymouth Gran Fury
Attansio, Allan 74 Plymouth Satellite
Bowling, Buz 89 Ford Crown Victoria
Brian Brendal 68 Chevy Biscayne
Carlin, Christopher 50 Pontiac Chieftain
Claus/Spaulding 91 Ford Crown Victoria
Claus, Tracy 73 Dodge Polara
Coumert, Philippe 56 Buick Century
Dave Dotson 72 Plymouth Fury II
Fay, Joseph 64 Studebaker Marshal
Flath, Chris 71 Plymouth Fury I
Gittner, Dave 73 Mercury Montego
Goltz, Gary 1955 Buick Century
Hagen, Chris 66 Ford Custom
Hahn, Chris 88 Plymouth Gran Fury
Hallberg, Doug 70 Ford Galaxie
Hernandez, George 71 Plymouth Satellite S/W
Herschberger, Colby 67 Plymouth Belvedere
Holter, Robert 74 Dodge Monaco
Houck, David 69 Plymouth Belvedere
Jacoby, Rick 83 Chevy Impala
Johnston, Fowler 76 Plymouth Fury
Keller, Mike 78 Dodge Monaco, et al
Larriviere, Dwayne  78 Ford LTD
Chris Lindahl 77 Dodge Monaco
Lindsay, Darryl  65 Dodge Polara et al
Lyons, Matthew 68 Dodge Polara
Marinello, Tony 77 Dodge Royal Monaco
Marshall, Glenn 73 Plymouth Fury III
Masso, Phil 76 Pontiac LeMans
McDonald, Mike 89 Ford Mustang
McKechnie, Allen 72 Pontiac Catalina
McLaughlin, Kevin 67 Oldsmobile Delmont 88
McLaughlin, Matt 67 Ford Custom 500
Notovitz, Wes 76 Ford Maverick
Olney, Dave 85 Dodge Diplomat
Opocensky, Jim 77 Dodge Monaco
Reynolds, Greg 68 Plymouth Fury I
Ricks, Kelley 72 Ford Galaxie 500
Sanchez, Dennis 86 Dodge Diplomat
Greg Savernik 88 Dodge Diplomat
Schlieter, Kurt 89 Dodge Diplomat
Sokolofsky, Glenn 71 Plymouth Fury
Stockmon, Ted 89 Plymouth Gran Fury
Strow, Dennis 71 Mercury Monterey
Urtel, Ross 91 Ford Crown Victoria
Webster, Thomas 84 Ford LTD
Weglarz, Tom 74 Plymouth Fury
Yurgealitis, Jim 85 Ford Mustang

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